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As you step into our Bradenton office, leave all your worries at the door. You’ve entered into a family-friendly, judgement-free zone where your little ones and all their emotions are welcome. Whether you and your child are playing with toys in our waiting room, or you need an extra helping hand to make it through a tough day, our supportive and caring staff will make sure you feel right at home. We look forward to meeting you and discovering how we can help you!

Here's what you can expect at every stage of the process:

New Patient Appointment


During your first appointment, one of our doctors will take a detailed history to look for major stressors (physical, chemical, emotional). They’ll use this information to help the nervous system transition from fight or flight mode to resting mode. One of the doctors will also discuss goals for you and your family’s care. They’ll use these goals to see how symptomatic improvement is progressing.


At Pinnacle Chiropractic, we use advanced technology to measure stress placed on the spine and nervous system. These neurological scans are non-invasive and do not emit radiation or anything harmful. They allow us to measure how much you or your child are progressing during care. Depending on your schedule, we can do these scans in one day, or we can schedule them out over a few days.

Report of findings and care recommendations

During this visit, one of the doctors will go over your case history and neurological scans. They will explain the correlation between what you are experiencing and the systems of the body affected and give care recommendations to help you meet your health goals. Last, we will review the financial options for care. At the end of this visit, you will have all the information you need to decide on how you would like to proceed specific to our care, and the ability to schedule future appointments.

Regular visits

When you return for regular appointments, your adjustments will take between 5-10 minutes. We recognize that your time is valuable and do everything possible to run on time. Using the groundwork laid out in previous appointments, we can determine how your body is presenting on that day and what adjustments will be the most helpful. Typically, our patients begin with an intensive treatment plan of 3 visits per week for 1-4 months before transitioning to a less intensive weekly maintenance plan. Like a workout at the gym, each visit builds on the one before. During your treatment, our main goal is to get your nervous system to function at a higher level.

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