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2023-That’s a Wrap

A year of change

This year came with many changes in our office! 

We hired Dr. JJ in June. He has brought FUN to our office. You may hear him singing at any given time and you will be sure to see him taking dress up days to a whole new level. 

We had Dr. Makailee as our intern for 3 months. We really pride ourselves on being an office that students and other doctors want to come shadow at and visit. Dr. Mak loved her time with us and felt so welcomed by the patients. Thank you for always treating our interns and shadowing doctors so kindly. 

Sadly, some of our beloved employees left our office to pursue their dreams. We wish them the very best and miss them dearly. 

Miss Ella

We were fortunate enough to find Miss Ella to fill a role at the front desk.

Miss Krista

We were also lucky enough to have Miss Krista join the team as she has been an advocate of our office for years. Both of these women bring such joy to our office.


We held many exciting events and talks at our office this year! We had a hormone talk and baby massage class with Dr. Deanine, a fertility talk with Dr. Jordan, a Food is Medicine class with Dr. JJ & Miss Josi, and numerous hypnobirthing classes taught by Allie Demes! If you were able to join us for one of these classes, thank you! 


We had so many exciting wins for patients this year. Becoming seizure free, passing swallowing tests, pregnancy after infertility, speaking first sentences, no bed wetting, and daily bowel movements are just a few of the things we were able to celebrate with patients!


We now carry supplements from numerous different companies: Biotics, Designs For Health, Pure Encapsulations, Earthley, Clean Simple Eats, and Redmond. 

We will still be placing our orders the first Friday of each month. Please place your order at the front desk.


Dr. JJ became Webster and PX certified this year! Dr. K passed her exam and is now certified through the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics. Dr. Jordan completed 100 hours of Functional Medicine training to be able to continue to help with bloodwork and supplement suggestions.

Thank you for trusting us in 2023. Our staff is looking forward to 2024, united in our efforts to help even more kids and families reach their pinnacle potential!

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