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We're more than chiropractors. We're problem solvers, healers, and hope dealers on a mission to serve our community.

Josi King

marketing assistant

Miss. Josi has been married to her husband, Tommy since 2005. Together, they have 4 children (plus an awesome son-in-law). Miss. Josi was pointed toward pediatric chiropractic care when her youngest daughter was experiencing significant stomach issues in 2020. After her daughter’s care plan, which included big diet changes, she was a believer in the miracles of nervous-system-based chiropractic care! After leaving teaching in June 2022, Miss. Josi came to work at Pinnacle. She is a lover of learning and loves to chat about all things related to our amazing nervous systems, trauma, and health.

what others say about me in the office:

"Smiley, brings sunshine wherever she goes"

"Compassionate, joyful, and kind"

"Welcoming, attentive, gentle , & adaptive"

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