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We're more than chiropractors. We're problem solvers, healers, and hope dealers on a mission to serve our community.

Jennifer Seaman

Chief heart officer

Miss Jennifer knows first hand how much the care received at Pinnacle can change a childโ€™s life and the incredible impact it will have on the entire family. She started as a patient for her daughter, and then became part of the Pinnacle team in 2017. Her daughterโ€™s transformation and healing story is a powerful testament to the specific type of chiropractic care at this office.

Miss Jennifer is passionate about overall health and wellness. Through her experiences with her own familyโ€™s wellness transformation, she became very aware of the importance of the ingredients in everything, from cosmetics to food and everything in between. She shares this information with families, and is excited to help others implement changes that will affect their entire family in a positive way.

what others say about me in the office:

"Shows genuine care"

"Compassionate, kind, connected, mama"

"Gentle, warm, and beautiful"

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