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Clare Dixon

Billing & Graphic design

Clare has been with Pinnacle Chiropractic since the fall of 2018, and has brought so much light to the team. Born in England, Clare moved to Florida when she was 3, and has lived in sunny Sarasota ever since. She has been married to her husband Zack for 11 years and they have two beautiful girls.

She found chiropractic during her first pregnancy to help her recurrent migraines, and soon found out how beneficial chiropractic was for both her and her family’s health. Chiropractic was one of the first things she changed in her life to find a more holistic approach and to heal herself from health concerns.  

Clare is very athletic and always on the go, and loves to play with the kids outside the office. When Clare isn’t working she is usually found at CROP, playing basketball, riding at the BMX track, or refurbishing furniture.

what others say about me in the office:

"a loyal, true friend"

Hard working, pays attention to detail, & creative"

"creative, smart, kind"

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