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Brittany Gillespie

Exam / new patient assistant

Miss Brittany has been married since 2020 and together, her and her husband Ryan have 6 children. She first found chiropractic when she was 15 dealing with ongoing stomach issues and it helped her significantly. When her 3rd child was born and experienced severe reflux, she took her to a pediatric chiropractor and was amazed at how it helped her get relief from her digestion issues.

During her 4th pregnancy, Miss Brittany herself was seen the entire 43 weeks until she had her successful home birth after 2 c-sections. Her body’s ability to give birth naturally along with her very calm baby who started chiropractic care from birth, was such a testament to the power of chiropractic.

After moving from California to Florida in 2018, her oldest son was dealing with major struggles that often come along with ADHD. It was then that she found Pinnacle and discovered how with nervous system based care, the adjustments could help calm down the fight or flight pattern he had been stuck in his whole life. Again, she was amazed at the power of chiropractic and the power that the body has to heal itself when allowed.

Miss Brittany was trained in Western Medicine and has a nursing background from before she had children, but in 2019, decided to attend Sarasota School of Massage Therapy to further her learning about healing the body naturally. After briefly working as a massage therapist, she started working for Pinnacle in February 2021. Miss Brittany loves holding the babies, connecting with other mothers in the office and has a passion for all things birth related.

what others say about me in the office:

"Sweet & compassionate"

"Best baby holder! Trust her with anything - easy to open up to"

"Loves babies - mama to 4 littles"

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